Rooms工作室使用大理石和混凝土设计的“Life On Earth”家具

  Rooms uses marble and concrete to create Life On Earth furniture


  这个系列的家具名为“地球上的生命(Life On Earth)”,它包括12件经手工制作的产品,这些产品由天然石材和复合材料制成。

  Rooms设计工作室位于格鲁吉亚首都第比利斯,其创始人Nata Janberidze和Keti Toloraia认为,这些作品反映了他们在格鲁吉亚成长的童年和在亚洲和欧洲的诸多经历。

  A marble table with a ball for a base and a collection of benches inspired by brutalist bus stops feature in this collection of furniture by Georgian design duo Rooms.

  Called Life On Earth, the collection consists of 12 handmade objects, made from a combination of natural stone and composite materials.

  According to Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, founders of Tbilisi-based Rooms, the pieces reference different aspects of their childhoods growing up in Georgia, and their experience of Asian and European culture.


  “原始咖啡桌(Primitive Coffee Table)”是一张绿色大理石桌,底部呈半球形/The Primitive Coffee Table is a green-hued marble table with a semi-spherical base




  It brings in elements of different architectural monuments and movement, from soviet monuments to brutalist architecture.

  ''Playing with the theme of 'life on Mars', we wanted to create a collection that celebrates life on Earth,'' said the designers. ''By always seeking for something new and unfamiliar, we are rarely fully aware of what is around us at any given moment.''

  ''We also wanted to be more aware of what lies beneath the things that were made centuries ago and how they endured time. The idea was to reiterate the fact that nothing really changes. Permanence is a leitmotif that runs through the whole collection,'' they told Dezeen.


  四个圆柱腿的“原始椅子(Primitive Chair)”/The Primitive Chair sits on four cylindrical legs

  “原始咖啡桌(Primitive Coffee Table)”是一张绿色的大理石桌,它的表面呈椭圆形,从半球形底座上悬挑而出。

  与其配套的是“原始椅子”和中空的雕刻边桌(Carved Side Table),两者都是由绿色大理石制成,其原材料由格鲁吉亚Kamara石材公司提供。

  另外还有一种车轮边桌(Wheel Side Table),它有大理石齿形底座和轻薄的金属表面。

  The Primitive Coffee Table is a green-hued marble table, featuring an oval-shaped surface that cantilevers off a semi-spherical base.

  It is complemented by the Primitive Chair, which sits on four cylindrical legs, and the Carved Side Table, which has a hollow centre. Both are also made from the green marble, supplied by Georgian stone company Kamara.

  There is also the Wheel Side Table, which has a marble cog-shaped base and a thin metal surface.


  雕刻边桌有一个中空的中心/The Carved Side Table has a hollow centre



  ''Organic contradictions of life are translated into materials used in the collection, such as various natural stones that are juxtaposed with the combined composite material,'' said the designers.

  ''Bringing humour and surprising twists into the collection we make the whole experience of life on Earth more entertaining,'' they said.


  车站长凳(Bus Stop Bench)的灵感来源于苏联的汽车站座椅/The Bus Stop Bench takes its cues from soviet bus-stop seats

  车站长凳(Bus Stop Bench)的灵感来源于1922年至1991年间苏联安装的公交车站座椅,它有两种尺寸,其特点是两边向上弯曲的长条形面板。

  Janberidze 和 Toloraia解释道:“苏联公共汽车站和公共长椅的粗野形态对这些作品产生了巨大的影响。”

  The Bus Stop Bench takes its cues from bus-stop seats installed in soviet countries between 1922 and 1991. Available in a small and a large size, the concrete bench features a long body that curves upwards at the sides.

  ''The brutalist shapes of the soviet bus stops and public benches were a huge influence,'' explained Janberidze and Toloraia.



  艺术家Max Machaidze与该工作室设计师一起在长凳上涂鸦

  他们解释说:“通过与艺术家Max Machaidze合作,我们想说明这些作品的形态变迁过程,通过涂鸦的形式,将其变为艺术品。”


  Artist Max Machaidze worked together with the duo to illustrate the bench with graffiti.

  ''By collaborating with artist Max Machaidze, we wanted to illustrate how the objects change their initial appearance and how other people’s input to put graffiti and their signature messages, transform the benches into the functional art objects,'' they explained.

  ''The bus stop benches also demonstrate what happens to the objects in public spaces, and how time and people turn them to interactive objects.''


  魔法石桌(Magic Stone Table)使用了黑色石头/The Magic Stone Table features accents of black stone

  魔法石桌(Magic Stone Table)的椭圆形白色复合石材表面内镶着黑色石头。


  The Magic Stone Table features an oval-shaped white composite-stone surface with accents of black stone.

  Other pieces in the collection include two sculptural terracotta pedestals, and floor-standing candlesticks made from terracotta and cast iron.


  陶艺底座和落地烛台/The collection also includes the Terracotta Pedestal 1 and 2, and the Terracotta Candle Holders

  Janberidze和Toloraia于2007年创建了 Rooms设计工作室。“ Life On Earth”系列家具在米兰设计周的回顾展览中展出,此次展览名为“雕刻时光”(Sculpting in Time),是2018年4月17日至22日Alcova show的一部分。

  其中一些作品还会出现在今年NYCxDesign节、由Egg Collective公司举办的女性设计师作品展示会上。

  Janberidze and Toloraia founded Rooms in 2007. They presented Life On Earth as part of a retrospective exhibition at Milan design week, called Sculpting in Time, hosted as part of the Alcova show from 17 to 22 April 2018.

  Some of the pieces were also featured in a showcase of female designers at this year's NYCxDesign festival, by Egg Collective.